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how to install instagram



Instagram is a free application for iPhone or Mobile Android that allows you to take pictures and modify them with special effects, to then share them on social networks like Facebook, Tumblr, Flickr and Twitter.

Instagram was created by Mike Krieger and Kevin Systrom in 2010. Starting from version 4.0 application allows the user taking videos with a maximum duration of 15 seconds. This new tool includes image stabilization with which the user can record good shots, even if it is in motion if you are looking for what app can you buy instagram followers.

Instagram features


  • It takes pictures square and rounded at the tips.
  • Has eleven digital filters that allows to transform the photographs taken.
  • It allows to modify colours, atmosphere, edges and tones of the photo.
  • Photography can share it in services such as: Facebook, Flickr and Twitter.
  • Processes and share photos that are already on the phone.
  • The application is available in 25 languages, including Spanish.

How to install Instagram


instagram popular social network


  • You must get the free version from the Apple Store or Google Play depending on which your mobile device.
  • Once downloaded, it starts the application by clicking on the icon, which can easily be recognized as a camera.
  • To use the application it is necessary to check, by placing a user name, an email address, a password, a phone number and a picture.
  • It is recommended to start with a search for friends on Facebook and other social networks, who already have an account on this network.

The application will suggest a list of friends, to follow them you must click on the button continue to send and receive their photos. Once selected the users, you must click the ‘done’ button instagram likes kaufen, um Instagram followers verkaufen 

  • If you are working with a photo, do click on the middle button, at that time turns the camera on the mobile device, taking a photograph or by selecting it from the Gallery of photos on your mobile device. You can then apply various filters that has the application and share the picture on social networks that you want to. In addition, include a description of the picture, where you can include tags related to image and mention to people.
  • Finally, you can know the images published by the friends and acquaintances from the “Browse” button, here is can comment the photographs and, by clicking on the button “I like” share with other friends of any social network.
  • Instagram is a very interesting and fun. Now it will take only 14 Mb. space to be able to download it.

Instagram’s popularity has been increasing exponentially with thousands of new users flocking to platform to share their photos and daily moments. Celebrity accounts are among the most viewed and many users try to find ways to increase their number of followers to become as popular as those users. There are plenty of free ways to increase the number of followers but a new type of market has flourished with instagram’s popularity. The selling of cheap Instagram followers and other commodities associated with the website are on the rise, with clever marketers taking advantage of the situation.

Why you should get a VPN

How to protect your anonymity online with a VPN tool

Why you should get a VPN

The shadow broker record possibly provides information about how the NSA in the position was to listen for VPN connections. The vulnerability has similarities with Heartbleed.

The security researcher Mustafa Al-Bassam has found in the shadow broker record a hacking tool, which should enable the espionage of VPN connections. He calls the tool Pixpocket, because the Cisco security vulnerability affects PIX devices. In the record, it is run with the code name Benigncertain.

Use this tool with the file name bc-genpkt an attack on the pre shared key PIX-VPN devices could be carried from outside of the own network. The PIX devices are no longer sold since 2008. There is no evidence that this exploit the was being actively exploited. It is also unclear if still appropriate vulnerable devices are. Cisco itself is currently still engaged in examining the code.

The attack sends an Internet key exchange (IKE) packet to the device of the user, which affiliated leakt a portion of the memory (memory dumps). From this record, the RSA private key of the device can be read out, as well information about the VPN configuration of the device. Thus, the attack of the Heartbleed security vulnerability is not dissimilar.

Several security researchers have independently confirmed that the attack against real hardware can be performed and works. Brian Waters about tweeted: “I can confirm that Benigncertain works against real hardware.”

That the NSA is trying for years to monitor VPN networks, is known from the Snowden documents. The operation was known there with the code name of Hammerstein. IKE as an attack vector is directly referenced in the corresponding document.

For private Internet Exchange and Cisco PIX is a family of IP firewalls and NAT devices. The production was discontinued in 2008 and replaced by the ASA devices. Cisco itself had confirmed one of the exploits of the shadow broker package against the ASA firmware.

Software integrates a VPN, Opera in its browser in the future starting today released version 38 in the developer channel. Integrating VPN is available so far for Windows and Mac OS X and Linux users must wait until the final release, which is expected in about six weeks. There should be for iOS so an opera spokeswoman, “soon”, VPNTRENDS provides reviews for you to find a good VPN solution that suits your needs, Android users will have to wait a little longer.

Masking identity and origin

With the built-in VPN users, it is easily possible to disguise their identity or their geographical origin on the outside. The use of VPNs, it is enough to flip a switch in the settings. There is no restrictions on the volume of traffic. Users can a virtual site in Germany, the United Kingdom, the United States or Canada.

This is interesting mainly for the use of services that are available only to certain countries or differ depending on the location (GEO), for example, video services; in this way, a VPN can also help to bypass political censorship.

Protocol of the surfing behavior

The concealment of identity enhanced protection of data; especially in open Wi-Fi networks, users can also benefit from the 256-bit encryption of the connection. It has the price however, that the operators of the VPNs with can log the entire surf behaviour of the user. For Opera users, this is no whole new experience, since this also when using the server-side data compression is the case. Also, browsing through a VPN typically slows down.

For the VPN feature SurfEasy from Canada relies on the services of the provider acquired last year Opera. SurfEasy entered mainly through VPN apps on different desktop and mobile operating systems in appearance. SurfEasy VPN was so far only up to a monthly volume of 500 MB free of charge. The takeover announced Opera ‘long term’ in the Opera products to integrate the VPN solution.

Inhalt und SEO

Relevante und qualitativ hochwertige Inhalte können helfen, Ihre Website-Rankings klettern in den SERPS

Inhalt und SEO

Definitionen nie aus der Mode zu gehen. Wenn Sie hilfreich Definitionen von Nischenspezifische Long-Tail-Ausdrücke zu erstellen, werden Sie Hauptverkehrs fast immer punkten.

A “des Wortes” Seite braucht nicht kurz zu sein. Der Inhalt sollte führen, mit einer prägnanten Definition, wie Google zieht. Aber Sie sollten dies bis hinten mit viel zusätzliche Inhalte.

How-To Artikel. Das Internet hat mehrere Artikel zur Vorgehensweise, als man zählen kann. Das ist in Ordnung, weil Google immer noch liebt sie, und ich auch Leser.

Gewusst-wie-Artikel sind wegen ihrer starken Verweilzeiten und praktischen Nutzen für die Leser groß. Je mehr (und mehr relevant) Artikel zur Vorgehensweise, die Sie erstellen können, desto besser.

Berichte. Wie eine Fallstudie ist ein Bericht, eine Form der Inhalte, die auf lange nach seiner ursprünglichen Erscheinungstermin lebt. Viele Male, Berichte befassen sich mit einem einzigen Jahr oder Zeitrahmen.

Trotz dieser zeitgebundenen Gegenstand, gibt Berichte, eine Goldgrube für die Forschung. Dies bedeutet wiederum, dass Ihre Berichte werden eine große Quelle für Slumdog Millionaire Links und Zitate auf der Bahn sein.

Tipps. Wer kennt sie nicht Tipps lieben? Geben Sie der Spitze Artikel einen Versuch, und du wirst sehen, Verkehrs von ihm zuletzt eine lange Zeit.

Nicht-Tech Artikel über Verhalten, Einstellungen oder andere persönliche Merkmale. Wenn Sie in einem techy Nische sind (wie ich), es schwer scheinen, um immergrüne Inhalte zu erstellen.

In Fächern wie Gartenarbeit, kann die Dinge immergrün für eine lange Zeit bleiben. (Sehen Sie, was ich da tat?) Das gleiche gilt für das Kochen, die Reinigung, Kinderbetreuung, Beziehungen, Holzbearbeitung, und vielen anderen Bereichen.

Tech ist ein Bereich, in dem die Dinge ändern sich ständig, vor allem in der Arena des digitalen Marketings.

Sie können immer noch immergrüne Inhalte, die über das Thema baut breit, behält aber immergrünen Status erstellen. Zum Beispiel schrieb ich einen Artikel mit dem Titel “Wie werde ich ein Workaholic und nicht verbrennen Out.” Im Großen und Ganzen geht es um meine Nische, aber es wird immer Anklang. Auch wenn mein Artikel über Google Autorschaft kann datiert werden, werden meine Workaholic Artikel nie.

Listen. Immer beliebt, ist die Liste Artikel eine gute Möglichkeit, immergrünen Stil zu gewinnen. Wir kreisen um Listen, liebe zu lesen, und ihnen Aufmerksamkeit SEO.

Wie machen Sie Inhalt Evergreen?

Die wichtigsten Komponenten der Schaffung von immergrünen Inhalte sind natürlich, Relevanz und Qualität. Was ist sein Thema, und wie wird es geschrieben? Allerdings gibt es Techniken, die Sie verwenden können, dass wird jede Seite mehr immergrüne machen.

Zeigen Sie das Datum. Erstens zeigen das Datum. Es gibt keinen guten Grund, das Veröffentlichungsdatum eines Artikels zu verstecken. Wenn Sie das Datum zu verstecken, du bist was Fragen im Auge des Benutzers als auf die immergrünen Natur Ihrer Inhalte. Der Benutzer möchte wissen, ist gerade dies relevant für meine Interessen?

Ohne Datum, können sie verlassen sich fragen – und lassen Sie einfach nicht riskieren, durch veraltete Informationen in die Irre geführt.

Wenn Sie das Veröffentlichungsdatum des Artikels angezeigt zu bekommen, erstellen Sie eine offene Aufnahme, wenn der Artikel veröffentlicht wurde und das Lassen der Benutzer eine Auswahl treffen sie bleiben oder gehen die Seite.

Aktualisieren Sie Ihre Inhalte auf einer Routinebasis. Mit einer immergrünen Teil des Inhalts nicht bedeutet, dass Sie nie wieder berühren. Auch immergrüne Stücke müssen einen gelegentlichen spritz, um sie frisch zu halten.

Googles “Frische-Faktor” vorzieht Seiten, die häufig aktualisiert werden. Um Ihre Inhalte in den Index und den SERPs aktiv zu halten, berühren Sie es hin und wieder. Je mehr Inhalte, die Sie in den Suchmaschinen zu ändern oder zu verschieben, desto größer ist die Frische des Artikels.

Erklären Sie, dass die Seite aktualisiert wurde. Einige Inhalte befasst sich mit Themen, die sich ständig verändern. In diesem Fall können Sie Ihre Inhalte zu ändern, auch. Passen Sie einfach den Inhalt entsprechend der Änderung des Subjekts, und legen Sie eine Notiz an der Oberseite des Artikels.

Grafički dizajn

Grafički dizajn i modernizaciju Vaše online poslovanje

Grafički dizajn

Wikipedia definira tipografija kao “umjetnost i tehnika uređenja tipa kako bi se jezik više atraktivan način da daju jasan priznanje i učenja.” To je oblik umjetnosti koji datira još iz vremena kad Gutenberg štampana svoje prve radove. Ulazak dalje objašnjava kako čak digitalnom dobu, tipografija je specijalizovani zanimanje, ali sada to je nešto što svi rade. Za one koji rade u web dizajnu tipografije je temelj onoga što radite, a ako ne, onda bolje početi uzimati u obzir češće.

U 2006. Oliver Reichenstein rekao da je od 95 posto informacija na web je pisani jezik tako kao rezultat toga, web dizajn je 95 posto tipografija. Od tada mediji postali češći na web, ali je tekst još uvijek ima veliku većinu sadržaja na internetu. Čak i oni koji se ne slažu sa tvrdnjom Reichenstein ne može tvrditi činjenicu da je sadržaj na web mora biti lak za čitanje, lako razumjeti i da prenese emociju pravo da se uključe posjetitelja. “Web Tipografija uključuje čitljivost, skalabilnost i lik koji odgovara prirodi sajta”, kaže Sabina Idler od Usabilla.

Uzmite u obzir kvalitetu usluge grafičkog dizajna

Bacite pogled na izvorima ljudi se oslanjaju na svakodnevnu upotrebu. Na radnom mjestu mogu koristiti Times New Roman ili Cambria. E-mail u velikoj mjeri oslanja na Arial i Verdana. To su go-Font obitelji, jer oni su u potrazi za ozbiljne izvore. Oni se ne pokušavaju da budu sjajne ili glup. Ali ne sve lokacije potrebno da prikaže ozbiljnost korporativnog sali za sastanke. Odaberite fontove koji odgovaraju svojoj svrsi i ukupni dizajn vaše web stranice, ali ne previše izbora. Dobro pravilo je da odaberete tip baze slova i izvor pogled i to je to.

To je čudno da toliko ljudi ne shvaćaju da je većina lokaliteta imaju crne boje u bijelo, jer to radi tako dobro kada je u pitanju prikaz teksta. Ovaj princip je jedan da svaki dizajner mora da shvati kada je u pitanju font colors.To bi tvrdnja da boju fonta treba kontrastu samo sa pozadinom nije dovoljno. Uzmimo, na primjer, tamno plava izvor na ružičastoj pozadini. Boje kontrast dosta oštro i to radi. Sada preokrenuti; dok to može raditi roze svjetlo tekst na tamnoj pozadini je vjerojatno da će izazvati neke posjetiteljima da se žale izrada web stranica split.

Design Gráfico

Design gráfico e a modernização do seu negócio online

Design Gráfico


Wikipedia define a tipografia como “, a arte ea técnica de arranjar tipo, a fim de tornar a linguagem dá forma mais atraente para aprendizagem transparente e reconhecimento.” É uma forma de arte que remonta a quando Gutenberg imprimiu suas primeiras obras. A entrada passa a explicar como até a era digital, tipografia foi uma ocupação especializada, mas agora é algo que todo mundo faz. Para aqueles que trabalham no projeto da tipografia da web é uma das bases do que você faz, e se não for, então é melhor você começar a tomá-lo em consideração com mais freqüência.

Em 2006 Oliver Reichenstein afirmou que uma vez que 95 por cento da informação na web é a linguagem escrita assim, como resultado, web design é de 95 por cento tipografia. Desde então multimídia tornou-se mais prevalente na web, mas o texto ainda dispõe de uma grande maioria do conteúdo na Internet. Mesmo aqueles que não concordam com a afirmação de Reichenstein não pode argumentar o fato de que o conteúdo na web tem que ser fácil de ler, fácil de entender e tem de transmitir a emoção do direito de exercer os visitantes. “Tipografia Web inclui boa legibilidade, escalabilidade e um personagem que corresponda à natureza do site”, diz Sabina Idler de Usabilla empresas de design gráfico em Portugal.

Tenha em conta a qualidade dos serviços de design gráfico

Dê uma olhada nas fontes pessoas dependem no uso diário. No local de trabalho eles podem usar Times New Roman ou Cambria. E-mails dependem fortemente de Arial e Verdana. Estes são a ir para font-famílias, porque eles são sérios procurando fontes. Eles não estão tentando ser chamativo ou bobo. Mas nem todos os sites precisam de retratar a gravidade de uma sala de reuniões corporativa. Escolha fontes que são apropriados para o seu objecto e da concepção global do seu site, mas não escolha demais. Uma boa regra de ouro é escolher um tipo de letra de base e uma fonte de exibição e que é ele as melhores empresas de hospedagem de sites.

É espantoso que tantas pessoas não percebem que a maioria dos sites de contar com um esquema de cores preto no branco, porque ele funciona tão bem quando se trata de exibição de texto. Este princípio é aquele que cada designer precisa entender quando se trata de font colors.To fazer a alegação de que a cor da fonte só precisa contrastar com o fundo não é suficiente. Tomemos, por exemplo, uma fonte azul escuro sobre um fundo rosa. As cores contrastam bastante acentuada e isso funciona. Agora reverter isso; enquanto ele pode trabalhar o texto rosa claro no fundo escuro é susceptível de causar alguns visitantes para reclamar.

Få følgere på instagram

Få mange følgere på instagram –  Hvordan man kan forbedre din konto

Få følgere på instagram


Instagram er et gratis program til iPhone eller mobil Android, der tillader dig at tage billeder og redigere dem med specielle effekter, at så dele dem på sociale netværk som Facebook, Tumblr, Flickr og Twitter.

Instagram var lavet af Mike Krieger og Kevin Systrom i 2010. Start fra version 4.0 application tillader brugeren at tage videoer med en maksimal varighed på 15 sekunder. Dette nye redskab omfatter billed stabilization, som brugeren kan optage gode billeder, selv om det er i bevægelse.

Du skal få den gratis version fra Apple Store eller Google Play afhængigt af hvilken din mobile enhed.

Når først downloadet, startes programmet ved at klikke på ikonet, der kan nemt blive anerkendt som et kamera.

For at bruge programmet er det nødvendigt at kontrollere, ved at placere et Brugernavn, en e-mail-adresse, en adgangskode, et telefonnummer og et billede.

Det anbefales at starte med en søgning på venner på Facebook og andre sociale netværk, der allerede har en konto på dette netværk.
Programmet vil foreslå en liste over venner, for at følge dem skal du klikke på knappen Fortsæt at sende og modtage deres fotos. Når valgt brugerne, skal du klikke på ‘udført’ knappen.

Hvis du arbejder med et fotografi, skal du klikke på på den midterste knap, på tidspunktet vender kameraet på den mobile enhed, at tage et fotografi eller vælge det fra galleri af billeder på din mobilenhed. Du kan derefter anvende Få følgere på instagram forskellige filtre, der har programmet og del billedet på sociale netværk, som du vil. Derudover omfatte en beskrivelse af det billede, hvor du kan medtage tags relateret til billede og nævne til mennesker.

I dag har en populær Instagram konto kan være meget nyttige for din virksomhed


Endelig kan du kende billeder udgivet af venner og bekendte fra knappen “Gennemse”, her er kan kommentere fotografierne og ved at klikke på knappen “jeg” dele med andre venner af alle sociale netværk.

Instagram er en meget interessant og sjovt. Nu køb følgere på instagram vil det tage kun 14 Mb. plads til at være i stand til at hente den.

Instagrams popularitet er steget eksponentielt med tusindvis af nye brugere strømmer til platform til at dele deres fotos og daglige øjeblikke. Celebrity konti er blandt de mest sete og mange brugere at forsøge at finde måder at øge deres antal tilhængere til at blive så populær som disse brugere. Der er masser af gratis måder at øge antallet af tilhængere, men en ny type af markedet blomstrede med instagram’s popularitet. Salg af billige Instagram tilhængere og andre råvarer, der er forbundet med hjemmesiden er i stigning, med kloge marketingfolk drage fordel af situationen köpa följare på instagram.

Comprar Seguidores Brasileiros No Instagram

Leia o Nosso guia de como comprar seguidores Brasileiros para o Instagram


Comprar Seguidores Brasileiros No Instagram

Se está farto dos preços rídiculos praticados pela maioria de fornecedores de seguidores brasileiros então este site é o mais recomendado para si.  No poderá comprar seguidores a preços acessiveis que lhe darão um boost inicial significativo à sua conta de Instagram. Poderá ainda comprar curtidas a preços bastante baixos mas de grande qualidade. O Instagram é uma poderosa ferramenta de fdfdmarketing que você deve usar para dar maior visibilidade à sua conta.

Fato: Existem mais 80 milhões de usuários do Instagram em todo o mundo. Esta plataforma on-line social pode ser sua vantagem sobre os concorrentes em empreendimentos de negócios. O que está esperando? Você pode se inscrever e compartilhar sobre as coisas que você tem para oferecer.

Informe seus seguidores sobre a actualização mais recente do seu negócio. Sempre que houver compromissos de negócios, como feiras ou convenções, os proprietários do negócio podem notificar seus seguidores por meio de upload de imagens no Instagram. Tirando fotos e assinantes no local específico de marcação podem aumentar visitas e vendas. É importante ser criativo em tirar fotos. Photogene e ColorSplash são que os dois mais comumente usados aplicativo de edição no Instagram. No marketing de eventos, VIP descontos podem ser oferecidos aos assinantes.

As pessoas estão à procura de excitação e recompensas. Segurar um concurso como uma atividade é um compromisso emocionante para atrair audiência.

Os usuários do Instagram podem usar o recurso de geotagging para marcar uma posição específica sobre onde as imagens foram tiradas. Para os negócios, os clientes podem ser mais familiarizados com o local do negócio com o recurso de geotagging.

Lembre-se de que as pessoas mais bem sucedidas são conhecidas hoje, aproveitar-se dos meios de comunicação sociais. Existem ainda mais razões para comprar seguidores de Instagram que vão desde marketing à necessidade de tornar uma conta mais popular para mostrar aos seus amigos e familiares.

Como utilizar o Instagram para fazer dinheiro

Começar um negócio pode ser uma das decisões mais difíceis que você terá que fazer toda a sua vida. Isso é não só com o fato de que você tem que vir com uma grande quantidade de dinheiro que você usará como um capital, mas também colocá-lo em jogo. Ter seu negócio proprietário pode ser uma oportunidade de fazer ou quebrar. Você tem que esperar nada porque não fazes ideia do que vai acontecer a seguir. No entanto, é uma boa atitude se você vai ficar otimista para que você esteja mais enérgico para alcançar seus objetivos de negócios. Embora o futuro é incerto, você tem que definir seu destino para que você tenha suas razões para fazer esforços para isso.

Uma das melhores maneiras se você está planejando para ter seu próprio negócio é marketing on-line. Este tipo de plataforma de negócios não exigirá que você tenha um grande orçamento, que é favorável aos negócios, as pessoas de espírito. Todos sabemos que um dos fatores que impedem as pessoas de perseguir seus sonhos de ter seu próprio negócio é a falta de capital. Mas com marketing on-line, você só precisa criar seu próprio site e pensar em uma estratégia de marketing que você usará em publicidade, o que pode oferecer às pessoas. Você pode fazer o site por si mesmo se você é conhecedor com habilidades técnicas ou computadores e se não considerar adquirir a ajuda de uma empresa de hospedagem web. No que diz respeito a estratégia de marketing, tente fazer uma pesquisa on-line e obter idéias relevantes para você decidir qual deles irá funcionar para o seu negócio.

É também uma parte difícil para um comerciante on-line escolher qual estratégia de marketing ele deve utilizar para promoção do negócio. Você pode dizer que ele pode ser o seu caminho para o sucesso que significa que você realmente tem que colocar muita atenção a ele, caso contrário você estará em grandes apuros. Várias estratégias de marketing são apresentadas on-line. Alguns deles podem ser obtidos com a ajuda de profissionais, enquanto outros apenas precisam de suas capacidades para colocá-lo em ação.

Social Networks are A safe Bet for Investors

Social networks and marketing: confidence without investment

Social networks and marketing
Sales professionals have found that the media 2.0 are useful to them, however, their companies are not spending enough money on them
Sellers rely on social networks to help them in their work, however, companies still do not invest significantly in them. You are the conclusions of a study of the specialized portal Omobono, based on a survey posed to senior executives, which is concrete that eight of ten respondents point out that the media 2.0 – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google +…-are the most effective digital channel for this commercial purpose, while spending on these platforms does not exceed 15% of marketing budgets.

This imbalance explains that almost 40% of the respondents have pointed out that it would spend more money on networks if it provided the necessary money. In fact, as the President of the firm responsible for the report, Francesca Brosan, assures these services “have come a long way in a very short time”. In his opinion, by responding in this way, vendors have shown that they have realized what is now the challenge in its work.

How to sell through social networks?

Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Instagram are home to more than 30 potential customers for companies acheter des vrais followers instagram.

Seven of every ten Spaniards surfing the Internet, and among these, nine out of ten are common in social networks. This means that more than 31 million Spaniards have profile on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin or Instagram. Or, translated into business Prism, there are many potential customers swarming the net.

But, how to get to them? How convince you buy a particular product? “The first big mistake is to think that the consequence on the sale is direct,” warns Professor of Marketing Digital of ESADE, Franc racing. We are digital founder argues that the users of such networks “is there to socialize, not to buy”. This makes direct listings or the excess of corporate information on a brand to see as a nuisance.
“You have to speak it, be the object of the conversation and not the protagonist of her”, it meets racing, which highlights the prescriber of the contacts and friendships role when considering if or not a purchase.

An example would be the purchase of a car: rarely purchase is consummated through the network, but the Internet is a resource that is widely used to search and compare models. Thus, a car that dismiss its presence on networks, as he did in his time General Motors, can become invisible for users in phases that precede the purchase itself.

Instagram Marketing

How to launch your brand with the help of Instagram


Instagram Marketing


The social network dominated by photographs is a good resource for small businesses to publicize their products. Above all, fashion or beauty companies.

When Emily Weiss launched a line of beauty products, it was not associated with any giant cosmetics nor designed an elaborate advertising campaign. He attended the social network Instagram.

The founder of Into the Gloss, a website about beauty news, presented its Glossier brand with a series of publications on this platform, which is dominated by the use of pictures. “Everyone of my around, regardless of age and profession, comes to Instagram at least three times a day”, says Weiss, whose personal account on this network has more than 76,000 followers, while the Into the Gloss exceeds the 188,000.

Publications of Glossier, prior to the launch of the website, which contained around 125 images, gave few details. They were mostly palettes, evidence of the logo of the company and happy girls. Only the latest snapshots showed products. “The idea was to create a mood, uncertainty and attract a type of woman interested in them,” says Weiss. Instagram is now a great platform to expand your business and give your company more exposure, Instagram Marketing should be one of the most important strategies for any company trying to target the online market.

Before choosing the photos, Weiss studied the best hours to upload them on Instagram. Considered, for example, the strategy that carried out Beyonce. The pop star surprised his fans by launching his latest album through their web site late at night. Weiss also weighed the idea of revealing their intentions with regard to the launch of its new brand when published the news that had raised some two million dollars (1.6 million euros) funding for.
At the end, he chose to give clues with information on Glossier during four weeks prior to the launch.

Although the images they chose to share in Instagram had an informal spirit, actually it was a carefully planned story. Weiss selected and printed hundreds of images, including one of the film out of wave (Clueless), Alicia Silverstone, and combined them with photos that she herself made. Later, he organized 30 images that had approximately, and climbed them. The captions were minimal, without any mention of the products.

Getting more Followers is the Key

He gave also to influential people in the digital world products or garments. For example, the model Karlie Kloss won almost 27,000 I like by a photo on Instagram which wore a sweatshirt of Glossier, which the company took to republish.

Weiss also left space for fans to share their opinions. The first publication which referred to a product was a picture of lips with a pink background, a follower sent to the Manager. Later, she herself climbed the snapshot with a footnote thanking the author and added: “P.S.: we are creating products”.

The first four objects – a facial spray, a moisturizer, a base for the skin and a balm – fit into the category of makeup that “it is not really” and that is so fashionable for some time.

More than 300 million active users

The social network that lets you share pictures and videos, founded in 2010, has evolved rapidly and already exceeds users to another of the great: Twitter. Therefore, SMEs should be rating this potential to open your business to a wider audience. Firstly, it is recommended that enterprise connect Instagram with the Facebook account. Both are owned by Mark Zuckerberg, a strategy that helps to enhance the marketing.

Another trick to gain popularity is to include hashtags, terms which are used to name the publications. Users use these tags to search for topics that interest them, so if the company incorporates them, will be easier for users to find it on the net. These words should be general and define what the business is engaged or what are its competitive advantages.

A Polaroid for Instagram

Improving the quality of your Instagram Photos with a Polaroid Camera


A Polaroid for Instagram


Capture, retouch, add filters and share in seconds. This is the key to the success of Instagram, everyone wants to take advantage of. An Italian designer search Internet collective funding to convert the style vintage of this application software, with 50 million users, on a camera of truth. As in the old Polaroid, the Instant digital of Socialmatic would be printed on paper.

The application of photography to the mobile iPhone and Android, which Facebook acquired for € 765 million nearly two months ago, also it went competition at home. The company of Mark Zuckerberg, waiting for the placet of the United States authorities on its acquisition, surprised yesterday presenting Facebook Camera App. Similar to his older sister, differs because it allows you to upload multiple images simultaneously to the social network, although currently only available for devices (mobile and tablets) with operating system iOS (Apple) in English-speaking countries.

Only Socialmatic is a prototype, but has very specific characteristics: memory of 16 Gb, Wi-Fi wifi and bluetooth, touch screen 4:3, lens filter in 3D, internal printer and ink cartridge, such as the Polaroid. The printed images with this camera would have a sticker to be able to paste them into any place, as well as a QR code that would identify the owner. They might even write a text that will be in the picture.

The idea of the Italian graphic designer Antonio De Rosa, 36, has been well received in the network where went to finance itself on the micropatronage Indiegogo, similar to dripping or Kickstarter service. Currently has 122 patrons and has raised $4,000 for the 50,000 estimated will cost the project. Their objective, that Socialmatic cost less than $350 (279 euros) in stores.

The Importance of Quality over Quantity when dealing with Social Media

Pink is aware of the difficulty of his initiative, because it lacks license Instagram, i.e. from Facebook, to use his image and system. “It is like a game of chess,” alleges promoter, which hopes to raise the money waiting that the noise that has been generated on the Internet (18,000 mentions on Twitter) encourage Facebook to seek him first. The social network needs mobile and with Socialmatic would combine the analog universe and digital, although De Rosa says that it has reached an agreement with “a leading company in the global telecommunications”, which does not reveal your name, to carry out the prototype. Designer dreams of “the power of the social network to carry real-life”, uniting the power of social media, photography and communication, and combining various dynamics, from the post-it until the exchange of photos. Some cheap instagram likes can help you boost the perception that your Instagram account is very popular.

Fever by retro photographs, which has unleashed Instagram, has led to other initiatives. Breakfast NY Agency launched Instaprint, a digital photo printing booth, and Polaroid rescued in November its most emblematic camera, adapting to new technologies. A few days ago was Polamatic, its application for mobile phones.